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Viglatoras traditional hostel



An inn built on the road that was followed by the caravans crossing the Balkans, was converted after 100 years to a traditional hostel by the current owners, led by the spirit of hospitality that existed in the area. The mansion is built in a village with particular architectural interest with features of the Macedonian architecture, at the foothill of the mountain of Kerkinis (Belles). Viglatoras hostel is located in the heart of the village, near the central square with view over the lake of Kerkini, and the valley of Poroia. It combines harmonically authentic materials and furniture with comfortable facilities, and creates a unique feeling of hospitality.

The cared garden with the flowers in full bloom, lush during the spring and the summer, golden during the autumn, and blinding white during the winter, is the ideal stress-free sanctuary for every season.

BREAKFAST: The visitor will live an experience of truly tasteful delight during the breakfast in Viglatoras hostel. With a variety of homemade pies and cakes, marmalades and sweets from ingredients grown in the estate of the family.