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    They say if the visitors of Serres do not follow the route of Strymonas River from Promachona to Strymon Gulf, they will not explore the secrets of the area. You, who arrive here, visitor of the Greek scenery, leave the flow of the river to lead you through the magnificent Kerkini. Follow the shores, among the chestnut and oak trees, and be enchanted by the nature. The lake offers you incredible images of beauty with the small lush islands that are the refuge for thousand birds. Reach the foothill of Belles Mountain and there, at an altitude of 380 meters and in distance of 6 kilometers from the peak of the mountain, you will discover one of the diamonds of our borders. Ano Poroia. The past of this frontier village is lost deep in the history.

Persecuted families from Moschopoli, Ioannina, Argirokastro and many other villages, came here on the slopes of mountain Belles, and built their settlements that live to today. The name “Poroia” is genuine Greek and comes from the union of the words “Poros” (that means passage), and “Roia” (from the verb reo that means flow), and indicates the location of the village, in the unique and full of running water passage of Balles to Sideroporta. The 1,434 residents, who are the resident population of the village, are poised to surprise Greece. Motivated with wild imagination, fun and creativity, lovers of their land, managed with commendable initiative to make Ano Poroia so known that growing numbers of visitors come here to meet them. The women were once again the first to make Ano Poroia known. The Association of the Women of the village is engaged in cultural events as well as the production of local products such as; baked sweets as well as traditional Greek spoon sweets, marmalades, sweet liquors, their collection of herbs and aromatic plants.

The whole village will welcome you, and Viglatoras hostel, an original observer as its name indicates, will offer you such hospitality that will remain unforgettable. Two buildings form the hostel. The old one was built in 1922, and was the inn of the area. It was bought by the father of the owner as a storehouse of the blacksmithing business of the family. Three quarters of the century later, the building came back to its original use. It was renovated, and converted into a hostel for the purposes of which was built next to it one more building identical with the old mansion, with features of Epirus architectural style, in the memory of the first residents of the village that came from Epirus. Six guest rooms of hospitality, arranged ideally to serve the needs of a couple or a family form the hostel. Decorated with love and care, with original, traditional pieces, and decorated with local weavings, and white embroidered handicrafts. Wood and stone, ocher and iron, are the elements that dominate and strengthen the feeling of peace and tranquility.

In the lobby, that is located in the old building, you will enjoy heart breakfasts. From pies, prepared by the owner, to crunchy bread and delicious honey, all original local products. The hospitality we offer is not only of high quality but warmth and friendly as well. Only a few hours after you arrive, and you will feel one with the family, you will feel the hostel as your home, and the village as your hometown. Even when you go, and until you come back, you will be sending to your new friends cards with sweet nothings, and long letters full of memories.


On the way home, you will return from the south, arrive to Promachona, and follow the road to the right along to Agkistro. This village will be like all the others, if it did not have a hammam. Do not make the mistake and believe that is from the time of the Turks, because history will fail you. It was built during the Byzantine times, and it is the ordinary hammam with the steam, but a truly natural hammam since its water (with temperature of about 50 degrees) flows directly from a natural hot spring. There you can relax with your company for a while, and after you can follow your way back home.